About Us


“TIME” - We help you get it back!


Envoy Holdings is a group of companies that has been in the services sector for almost two decades, specializing in taking care of the needs of international corporate clients. VIP Valley is the latest brain child of the group to cater to the individual needs of executives. Our experience in this sector is unparalleled, and And our portfolio of clients from top brands speak for themselves.

VIP Valley provides members and business clients with a plethora of services including virtual personal assistance, home services, booking and travel facilities, events organization, floral services, and other services that are frequently demanded by this demographic.

We have two target demographics – the first, services to individuals, and the second, services to corporate clients. “personal maintenance;” should be “personal maintenance. As Executives work harder and longer hours, they have less and less time to take care of “personal maintenance;” therefore, having someone to do your errands for you when you are working is quite attractive.


Our service was built around values that prioritize exceptional service, attention to detail, and a shared passion for what we do among our employees. We want to take care of your needs, so you have time to enjoy the finer things in life. VIP Valley guarantees a standard of reliability you have yet to experience in Sri Lanka.


At VIP Valley, we understand the importance of gaining complete satisfaction from our clients. We need to cater a solution that meets their individual necessities, and that’s exactly where we specialize in. We strive to build lasting relationships that will bring pleasant surprises that exceed your expectations. We are nothing but flexible!


At VIP Valley we understand the importance to provide a professional service that is unparalleled. Hence, our past experiences in the services sector is definitely an asset in serving you that much better. We are here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to take your requests.

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